Hock injuries and mat surface

Hock injuries primarily result from friction on hard surfaces. Because of its high density, rubber is a rather hard and not very comfortable material. The surface of rubber mats feels hard and slippery. On the other hand, elasticity and durability of rubber is better than that of most other materials. The cow´s skin should not [...]

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Healthy Hocks: Waterbeds for Cows

Waterbeds for cows were developed many years ago with the intention to provide better cushion under the cow´s hocks. So far, mattresses and softbeds for cows used to consist of solid components like rubber [...]

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Focusing on healthy hocks: New TARSA mat

KRAIBURGs new TARSA mat was awarded a silver medal for one of the most innovative products presented at EuroTier 2016. What is it about? Is TARSA an answer to deep straw or sand? The [...]

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Sandbed Grids

Sand is known as ideal bedding material for cows. The challenge has always been to keep it in the cubicles and avoid too much loss and sand consumption. Many years ago, farmers in North [...]

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Cows on Sand

Sand is considered the ideal bedding material for cows. Let´s see how it works on two representative farms in Denmark: Related Posts to Cows on Sand Sandbed Grids Sand is known as [...]

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Freestall Upgrade 2: „Half cubicle mattress“

Second upgrade of freestalls: „Half cubicle mattress“ These freestalls got a first upgrade when a board was mounted at the rear end in order to keep more bedding material on the concrete platform. [...]

Freestall Upgrade 1

Cow welfare and prevention of hock injuries require a sufficiently thick layer of bedding material. Freestalls with thick layer of straw In order to keep more bedding material on the platform, some kind of [...]

  • Deep Straw Upgrade half cubicle mattress

Deep Straw Upgrade: Half Cubicle Mattress

Thick layers of bedding material will more easily stay in shape if some moisture is contained. Very often, wet manure from cows or horses is added to improve stability. However, all wet components are [...]

  • Cows on Deep Straw

Deep Straw, Dried Manure

Deep straw, sand or dried manure are common bedding practices in many countries. There is no doubt that this kind of bedding is the best for the cow´s comfort and health, provided that it [...]

  • Standard Freestalls with Rubber Mats or Mattresses

Standard Freestalls with Rubber Mats or Mattresses

As a common practice in Europe and the northern hemisphere, cows are bedded on an elevated concrete platform with slight slope towards the back, covered with soft mats or mattresses and some bedding material [...]

Quality Standards and Risks on International MarketsTilman Ziegler - Founder cowstalls.com

A raw milk sample taken on a farm in Co. Cork, Ireland, in 2011 showed somewhat elevated levels of a toxic flame-retardant chemical. The sample was taken as part of a routine environmental monitoring program. Although the levels found were very low and did not mean a risk for public health, an investigation was started in order to identify the source of this dioxin contamination …

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